SPI2RO is specially formulated to detoxify the liver, restore nutritional level and rejuvenate beauty. It provides three functions in one convenient chewable tablet.

Toxins are the biggest obstacle towards reaching beauty and health, hence detoxification undoubtedly a person’s unavoidable first step in their journey towards good health.

SPI2RO’s detoxification properties come from spinach. Spinach also known as the “intestinal washer”, with its high content of fiber, it cleanses the intestinal system and improves digestion. Spinach also high in glutathione – an antioxidant which help to detox liver and digestive system.

Spirulina is almost the most powerful nutritional supplements after detoxing. Spirulina is regarded as the 21st century’s most nutrient-dense superfood, as it contains a high level of minerals and vitamins. It is because of this NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) has used Spirulina for astronauts’ nutritional needs in space. It has a high protein content (60%) and a broad range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients essential for systemic health. 1 gram of spirulina is nutritionally equal to 1 kilogram of assorted vegetables and fruits.

A person seeking to rejuvenate his or her beauty needs more chlorella in their lives. SPI2RO offers that in abundance. Chlorella contains CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which boosts tissue growth and repairs deep skin, both internally and externally. It restores skin’s elasticity and radiance to its youthful state.



Lemon powder, Soluble Fiber, Spinach Powder, Spirulina, Chlorella, Xylitol, Peppermint Powder

Direction of Use

Consume and chew 1 tablet whenever desired


  • At first, I faced a hard time while pooping due to constipation, and I did not sleep well on some nights. After that I started to take taking 2 pills of Spi2ro every day before going to sleep and now, my pooping has become easy and smooth. i also introduced Spi2ro to my cousin and I received good feedback from her because her weight has gone duipin by 3 kg after taking it within a week.

    10 July 2017
  • Previously, I felt like my stomach couldn’t digest the food I ate properly and it caused me to not Q0 to the toilet very frequently. Then, my friend recommended Spi2ro to me, she told me that it could assist my digestion. At first, I felt a bit of pain in my stomach and went to the tciLet twice a day once I used Spi2ro. After 2 months, I’ve lost weight and I feel more comfy compared to previous

    10 July 2077
  • My weight was around 59kg and my pants size ize re between 29 -30 inches before taking Spi2ro, and I had common symptoms, namely constipation arid flatulence. So, I was eager to taste Spi2ro, On the first day, five hours after taking that first pill, I iiverit to the toilet three times. But on day 7, my poops’ color was Lighter and Less smelly and that’s how it has been since. Today, my ‘weight dropped to 56kg and my pants size is now 27 inches.

    10 July 2077
  • Before using Spi2ro, I faced a slight problem of OD ristipation and I didn’t go to the toilet as frequently as normal rd been struggling with this issue for a while. When I first tried 5p12ro, I was having liquid diarrhea. After using Spi2ro for about 2 months, my body’s digestive system has gradually been getting better; can go to the toilet smoothly as usual. It makes me feel much more comfortable.

    Stephanie Tam
    10 July 2077
  • At first, my stomach was flatulent and not functioning properly, I guess these issues were due to high level of stress from different factors. So, I tried Spi2ro for a short while to hopefully improve my condition. While using Spi2ro, I had less appetite to eat but I got full easily and I didn’t feel like I was starving so much. Besides, my belly became flatter unlike the big one I had before. After 2 months, I no longer have any concern about my digestive system any more since my bowel movement is smooth and frequent.

    10 July 2077
  • I had been struggling with constipation for a while, arid farted frequently. Hence, it made me uncomfortable and awkward sometimes. I wanted to improve my bowel movement so I tried Sp’2ro. In the beginning, I couldn’t get used to Spi2ro because my bowel movement became frequent and the stools were in liquified form and even oily. But, theses symptoms eased slowly after approximately 2 months and mise indigestion has been solved; no more constipation.

    10 July 2077
  • Before using Spi2ro, my weight was around 744 and I was concerned about my stomach’s digestive problems. Sometimes, it could be just once in the toilet once every four days, and my body was getting heavier and fatigued and my stomach often was not feeling well. Once I gave Spi2ro a try, within the first twelve days, it started to have an effect on me; it reduced my appetite, but “-toilet time” was become easier and smoother. By now, my weight has decreased to around .6 6kg and the digestion process has gone well.

    10 July 2077
  • Before, I always felt tired and lazy, which was probably caused by toxic products such as cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and so on. On the first day I tried 5p i2ro, it did not show any positive effects, but it caused me to go to the toilet several times on the second day onwards. My defecation was a dark color and seemed oily and smelled very Lad, After a while, the Spi2ro started to sync with the body, which resulted in the defecation being smooth and the color becoming less dark. Hence, my body feels more energetic, light and less smelly.

    10 July 2077


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