Wellous cares for the needs of women. Especially the pains they go through during that time of the month. And how difficult it is for some women to conceive when they so desperately want to. Or when they go through hormonal changes which come inevitably as they age. That’s why Wellous came up with ISOduce. Hopefully, with ISOduce, “women’s troubles” become less troublesome.

It is clear that women’s hormones especially estrogen are closely linked with their reproductive health and emotional well-being. With ISOduce, made with all-natural ingredients led by soy isoflavones, kacip fatimah, manjakani extract and mirifica extract and strengthened with soy powder, oat powder, silk amino acid and elderflower powder, women can be guaranteed they’re getting the best supplement to take care of their hormone system.

Soy Isoflavones are naturally occurring compounds concentrated from soy beans. Soy isoflavones are a phytoestrogen which has a similar structure to the hormone estrogen. When ingested, phytoestrogen can mimic the actions of estrogen in a safe, selective and gentle manner. Phytoestrogen has been reported to provide a number of health benefits, including the relief of unpleasant menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, the promotion of good heart health and the maintenance of bone health in post-menopausal women, and have proven to be a popular alternative to hormone replacement therapy for those wishing to control menopause symptoms without resorting to drugs.

Kacip Fatimah, an herb that grows on forest floors in tropical environments, is historically trusted to treat women’s health. Traditionally, it is used to facilitate delivery and is used as a medicine during confinement. It is also known to enhance sexual performance, be rich in antioxidants and to eliminate fatigue.

Manjakani is one of those superherbs that has numerous benefits, including tightening vaginal muscles and reducing the discharge of liquid. It has also been known to possess beautifying properties such as making skin firmer and smoother, eliminating oily skin and encouraging a youthful appearance.

Mirifica extract is best known and marketed for its breast enlargement properties. It also helps to boost sex drive by increasing libido. Besides that, Mirifica It is also loaded with miroestrol compounds and phytochemicals which help to combat the signs of aging such as hair’s greying process, cellulite, blood circulation, memory loss and low energy levels.

The other ingredients that go into the process of making ISOduce are soy powder (fights aging, moisturizes skin, enhances immunity), oat powder (rich in fiber to help indigestion, relieves stress, reduces risk of intestinal and breast cancer), silk amino acid (moisturizes skin, reduces wrinkles) and elderflower powder (eliminates swelling, improves blood circulation and relieves pain).

ISOduce is a product that brings us here at Wellous a great deal of pride and joy. Women are the building blocks of a strong society, without women humanity wouldn’t exist. With this in mind, Wellous hopes that it has done its part in relieving whatever ills they may face over the years.



Elderflower Powder, Soy Powder, Oat Powder, Silk Amino Acid, Soy Isoflavones, Kacip Fatimah, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Manjakani Powder, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Xylitol

Direction of Use

1 sachet to be mixed with a glass of lukewarm water. Consume whenever desired.


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