American Ginseng

What is American Ginseng Tablet?

American Ginseng Tablet is an energetic formula which contains 500mg of American Ginseng in each tablet.

Can’t concentrate on work or study? Easily doze off while driving? Poor memory and very forgetful? The rhythm of modern life is tense, the pressure people having is increasing rapidly, leading to poor mental health and exhaustion. Various kinds of life pressure are draining our energy, causing our body can’t hold back anymore! To defeat the exhaustion, it is necessary to consume American Ginseng Tablet in order to prepare you for a full day challenge!

The essence of American Ginseng comes from its active ingredient, ginsenoside. Ginsenoside not only can be used as medicinal substance but also possess a strong health care effect. The older the age of American ginseng, the higher the amount of ginsenoside content and the better the volatility effect. Ginsenosides can regulate the brain’s central nervous system and promote brain DNA and RNA synthesis to slow down brain aging, thereby improving thinking and improving learning and memory. In addition, ginsenosides also have the function of calming nerves, which can make your concentration more concentrated and improve your working ability.

Although American Ginseng is the perennial herb from the Araliaceae family, unlike Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng possesses cooling effect which can help to nourish respiratory system and improve lung function. It can alleviate the situation of heatiness, quench the thirst and relieve phlegm. Besides, ginsenoside is adaptogen type product, it possesses the effect of reducing oxidative damage and increasing cell energy, can help to reduce fatigue, increase body’s resistance to stress and anti-aging, and improve overall mental and physical strength.

As the energetic formulation, American Ginseng can help replenish one’s energy and improve their brainpower to cope with daily challenge, it is suitable for workers who often need to work overtime, entrepreneurs who always need to think business strategies, students who need to improve their concentration and memory, working mothers that need to take care of both work and family, and retirees who want to travel around the world.

Most of the American Ginseng is presented in health tea or lozenge form, however, Wellous’s crushed American Ginseng through ultrafine pulverization technology (in a supersonic flow under low temperature) to make it into tablet type, so that it can be consumed the American Ginseng extract easily. The use of ultrafine pulverization technology can help to maximize the retention of ginseng active ingredients, in order to improve the utilization of ingredients and reduce the waste of raw materials.

What is American Ginseng Tablet?


Each tablet contains 500mg American Ginseng.

Direction of Use

1-2 tablets, 3-4 times per day.


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