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Our Great Story

Wellous is an organization made up of the perfect combination of highly skilled, well-trained leaders and hardworking, detail-oriented individuals who strive every day to come up with the best possible health and wellness products for the people that mean the most to us – our customers. We have come along from our beginnings to where we are today – a respected producer of health supplements and beauty products.

In today’s fast-paced and challenging world it is not enough to have good health or captivating beauty; one needs to have good health AND captivating beauty. That is why we at Wellous rely on out-of-the-box thinking and approaches to provide innovative and effective technological solutions for everyone.

Our mission and goal is to provide all-encompassing services to our customers: health supplements that take care of a person’s body internally and beauty products that enhance and intensify whatever beauty a person might already have. We at Wellous are committed to creating a culture of excellence that will hopefully translate into the products and services we provide for our clientele. Our commitment to the society does not only include the best products and services. We do practice a strong social policy which benefits all citizens whom we are able to help in whatever small way we can.

In order to achieve this culture of excellence, each Wellous employee guarantees to put in maximum effort and to prioritize the wants and needs of our customers. Because at the end of the day, our inspiration is our work and our clients are at the center of everything we do.


Brand Promise

At Wellous, we strive to be the first choice for customers requiring reliable beauty and health solutions. We offer superior value by incorporating leading innovative technologies and providing flexible service and expert consulting for mission critical applications.

As Wellous looks to the future and our place in the lives of our customers, we strive to come up with more ways to enrich their overall wellness and not just particular parts of it. As mentioned before, with the construction of the Wellous processing and manufacturing plant, we hope to step up our efforts, in order to sooner reach this future.

Having made successful strides in the field of health supplements, we now have ambitions of being a leader, not only in this field, but also every discipline we take on. The only way we can achieve this goal is by producing and providing the best possible finished product to our customers. In order to guarantee our customers are getting the best possible product, our researchers have scoured far and wide for the most effective ingredients, sometimes venturing to the most far-flung corners of this Earth. From the deserts of China to the rainforests of Peru, there’s no piece of land that hasn’t been explored for the best ingredients to improve the quality of our customers lives.

As with all the products that have been released by Wellous, before our items reach the hands of our customers, each and every one of them are guaranteed to undergo the most stringent testing and will eventually be HACCP- and Halal-certified. Of this, our customers can rest assured. One of the opportunities Wellous is excited to explore at some point in the near future is in the area of preventive medicine. We want our children and our children’s children to live in a world where medication for minor aches and pains will be rendered unnecessary because they don’t need to exist anymore. We at Wellous are determined to give our customers the peace of mind that if they take our products, they increase their chances of living better and longer lives.

We at Wellous firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, so we have made strengthening the body’s system and vital organs our highest research priority. As our studies grow, we are confident that Wellous will be at the forefront of achieving total wellness for all our customers.

While our target market has been the local segment here in Malaysia, we have successfully penetrated the Asian market, most notably China and Indonesia, to name just two. As we speak, our researchers are hard at work adapting our current products for use in the North American and European markets. As our goal is the better health of all humanity, we will work diligently to figure out how the rest of the world can find benefit in our products.


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